Shape Loader Tool

An included shp2pgsql tool is available if you installed Webmin.

There are 2 options for loading ESRI Shape files:

  1. Load using the Shape File Loader.
  2. Load using command line.

Load via Shape File Loader

Click the Shape File Loader tab as shown below


The load options are displayed below.


Also select if load will be into a new Schema and, in the case of New Table creation, the table name to be created.

Load Options

Database: select the database you wish to load the shape file to.

Load Type: Create, Drop, Append, or Prepare

Set SRID: Defaults to 0 if not set

Database Username: Select the user who will own the data

Schema: Select an existing schema or create a new schema.

Table: Select an existing table or create new one

Shape File Source: Local, Upload, or FTP/HTTP

Load via Comamnd Line


shp2pgsql usage can be found using the ‘shp2pgsl’ command.


If the above commands produce ‘shp2pgsql command not found’, do the following:

On Ubuntu:

root@postgis:~# apt install postgis

On CentOS

root@postgis:~# yum install postgis3_utils


Below are resources to get started with ogr2ogr and gdal_translate: