For purposes of caching, Apache is configured to run on an irregular port for both HTTP and HTTPS.

This port is then used to accept requests via Varnish and Hitch.


Apache can be stopped and started via Servers > Apache HTTP Server

You can also stop/start/restart Apache via command line.

For Ubuntu:

service apache2 stop | stop | restart | status

For CentOS:

service httpd stop | stop | restart | status


The main Apache configuration file, 000-default.conf is located at:


For CentOS, it is located at:


As shown below, we configure a location ‘tile’ and ‘feature’ to proxy requests to pg_tileserv and pg_featureserv:

ProxyPass      /tile http://localhost:7800/tile
ProxyPassReverse /tile http://localhost:7800/tile

ProxyPass      /feature http://localhost:9000/feature
ProxyPassReverse /feature http://localhost:9000/feature

An alternative approach is to assign a sub domain to each endpoint.

For example, tile.domain.com and feature.domain.com, and then map directly to their ports.